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"Drop and gimme sixty-nine!" -- OOC Community
27th-Mar-2007 10:36 pm
[ oh please. ]
Hello, hello, hello our dear and darling silent members of the community.

Our presence has been awfully quiet I understand, but real life has a way of kicking people in the ass. But fear not, for we have been planning things to easy up the gaming as of now.


You heard us right, as of now, everything is unfrozen and moving at it's easy pace. After talking it over, we decided it's unfair to have any sort of time restriction (based on the level of activity) especially with so many of you heading right into finals after Spring Break and so on. Therefore, post easily as you please, just remember to check with your friends and who you're playing with on the consistency of your timings.

It would be easier, however, that instead of specifically stating dates/times, you could just link to threads, or say (yesterday, today, earlier, etc.) Just a heads-up.


This means there is NO ORDER in which logs should go. Just be sure to mention what happened where by using this simple header before all your logs in dagm69_logscopy and paste:

Tags are not required, but they do help sort out who's logs are up. So apply them at your own ease!


This is an idea that we have in the works and we shall soon be implementing a calendar of events. This is basically going to work like this:

♥ The calendar is going to cover a majority of events, incidents, missions and things that will be happening in in-game-real time. However, we will correspond these dates to real dates to help move the plot and game along.

♥ You are required to refer to this calendar to see if your character will ICly know of it's happening. Those dates marked in BOLD are events ICly you cannot know. You will know them oocly. The rest are known ICly and OOCly. These will be clearly marked as in the following example.

April 15th - April 17th (15/4 GAIA - 17/4 GAIA ) - [ for Shinra Employees/SOLDIER/Turks ] - President Shinra's Birthday - All offices are closed on these days. Enjoy some days off! Parade in Midgar Sector 1 and Downtown Junon.
April 25th - (25/4 GAIA) [ for EVERYONE ] - Bombing of Sector 9's Mako Reactor - AVALANCHE attacks the Sector 9 reactors. (ooc; if your character is in the vicinity, please react accordingly)
April 27th - (27/4 GAIA)[ for TURKS ] - Group mission to be announced by Veld involving recent bombing events. Sign up here [link]
April 30th - (30/4 GAIA) - [ for SOLDIER ] - Evaluation Day - President Shinra arriving for Weapons Inspection in JUNON. All SOLDIER personnel will be in the city at the time.

/end example

Now this does mean that you can only respond to the events on the days they happen, but have no fear if you're not available. Backlogging is always there.

- Also, this does not mean you all do nothing on days between event days! On the contrary, this means you're free to have your characters be in whatever location they are, and develop them through interactions with other characters! Just keep the events in mind, as they're happening in the FF7 world and can't exactly be ignored entirely! They're to give the game a backdrop. So, be sure to work towards the events, etc etc.

♥ If you have any events you'd like to put in, please comment and we'll set slots for them accordingly.


We shouldn't have to stress this, but your characterisation counts. You simply should NOT try to warp a character's personality to suit you own needs. Grammar, good writing and presentation also count in logs. Spell-check your logs, try to be presentable when writing your characters. While we're all fans of FF7, we shouldn't forget the BASIC idea of the characters that everyone knows. If there will be any OOC-ness that the mods notice, you will be contacted immediately and asked to work things out. Please don't take this as an offense, we're trying to do what will help you as players have fun and not be confused with on how to react if they don't understand how to make characters respond to possible out of character-ness.


As of now, we have three forms of journal styles we will do in the game.

NETWORK: Journal entries on the network. These can be numbered in the subject, and are computer-to-computer as you've been doing so far.
FACE TO FACE: Journal entries that are 'recorded' - please mark '[locked to:]' for any specific person you want to comment to the log, or leave it open but be sure to fill in your[location] to let others in the location know if they can visibly respond. Actions can be added in [brackets like these] These entries are written like normal journal entries, but can be dictated and happening in real time.
COMMENTLOG: Like face-to-face, these are logs but they can be done on the journals using the [Face to Face] rule. If you think the logs are better suited in the logs community (AIM logs, long paragraphs) please use your judgement and post them there.

Many players also use 'double/triple' comments using different comments and icons to express something. If you wish to use this method, please number the first subject with the number of comments you'll be posting (example 1 of 3) , and once they're done, reply to the last comment for the group of three. Examples will be up soon.

And that's it! Any questions, feel free to ask! This is implementation week, and calendars will be up by next week. Until then, interact, react, have fun!

Your loving mods! ♥
28th-Mar-2007 02:19 pm (UTC)
((OOC: I would like to talk to one of the mods on AIM...Cid's AIM name is the same as his LJ name, or you can contact me at quinnlogan77...sometime relatively soon before I get too into this, simply because I know nothing and want to make sure I have all my bases covered, so please, one of you contact me on AIM, or get somebody else who knows everything to do it for you if you don't have AIM or the time. I am available until 12:30 p.m. Eastern time during the week this week and then usually after 9:30 p.m. Eastern time (but the time actually varies depending on what I'm doing after work...today I'll be back around 9:30, tomorrow and Friday I probably won't be). I'm off on Saturday this week. I really need to talk to somebody, and I don't know who to talk to, so if you could contact me, that'd be great. Thanks!)
29th-Mar-2007 04:00 pm (UTC)
What exactly do you need to know? I can explain things here, if you require.
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